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A creative and stylistically versatile session singer experienced in vocal harmonies - available for recordings and live performance.


Reliable, flexible and dedicated to working to the highest standards; both easy to direct, collaborative and inventive.

Adept across a number of genres including rock, pop, jazz, soul and
blues with a high level of stamina, consistency and vocal control.

With The Beki Brindle Band
at the Marlborough Jazz Festival



The Sweetest Taboo

Sade cover - iPhone recording 

Possessive Emotion

The Beki Brindle Band - Live at The Half Moon, Putney


Joni Mitchell cover - Live in studio

Leave Gently

Impromptu iPhone recording 
in a park with Tom Poslett

Blue For You

Blue For You Vol. 1/The Beki Brindle Band - BVs

With You I'm Born Again

Billy Preston/Syreeta - Cover/Studio demo, All vocals

Another Flavour

The Sundays - Cover/Studio demo, All vocals


No Cactus / JackDaw  - BVs

Move On

Just A Bit of Lilibeth - Live studio recording, BVs        


Is You Is Or Is You Ain't

The Sticky Wicket Swing Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall, New Year's Eve

Young Woman's Blues

The Beki Brindle Band
at Joe Joe Jim's



“I’ve worked with Jo many times on tours and recordings for the Beki Brindle Band. Her backing vocals are always exemplary, accurate and soulful. As a featured vocalist she fronted my Swing Orchestra with very little rehearsal to deliver a stunning ‘New Year’s Eve Extravaganza’ performance at the Royal Festival Hall in 2019. Jo is a talented and versatile performer; easy to work with and a dedicated, consummate professional. Highly recommended” 

Sticky Wicket   

Drummer, Percussionist, Bandleader, Teacher and Vintage Drum Specialist




“A great girl and a great vocalist”

Jim Rodford   The Kinks & The Zombies

“A very compelling and passionate singer with a full, warm sound; excellent in a supporting vocal role, intuitively picking beautiful, strong harmonies”

Eric Parker   Joe Cocker band; Stevie Winwood band; Victoria Levy band

“Jo is a very talented singer who also has the ability to contribute to the entire recording and mixing process with valuable creative insight”

Phil Pagano  Freelance Sound Engineer, David Sanborn; Saliva; Louie Vega

“Jo is great to work with. She’s very quick and creative and her voice is gorgeous. She’s a real asset to both recorded and live performance”

Victoria Levy   Singer Songwriter


“Jo did the backing vocals on Beki Brindle’s version of my song Blue for You. She is very quick and talented with an impressive vocal range. Highly recommended”

Russ Ballard   Songwriter; producer and instrumentalist 

"At short notice, Jo stepped in to co-lead The Angels at their sell-out gig at The Half Moon, Putney. She was jaw-droppingly good... The crowd couldn't get enough; they were blown away”

Charlie Ram  The Angels

“Jo has a rare sensitivity to the character of a song, intuitively understanding what it needs to say and an ear for harmonies hiding just below the surface. A truly valuable musical partner"

Rob Anderson   Jackdaw

“Jo’s backing vocals both on my albums and live onstage not only complement and elevate the lead vocal, creating a strong, female ‘wall of sound’ effect, but their quality means they also stand alone as a unique, soulful voice”

Beki Brindle  The Beki Brindle Band

“Jo’s stunning vocal range and command of harmonies makes her voice an inspired addition to any music project”

Rob Thom  Songwriter and Green Note Open Mic host

“Jo’s harmonies are mesmerising. She has the unique ability to elevate my songs to a higher place. She brings her passion, professionalism and creativity to every project big and small”

Lilibeth de Larratea  Songwriter

“I’ve collaborated with Jo on both live and recorded performances. As well as being an excellent lead singer with a strong technical range and presence she is also a brilliant harmonist who can tune into whatever feeling a songwriter is trying to express and enhance it. A rare combination”

Simon Franklin  Songwriter 

“Jo’s beautiful voice conveys a depth and breadth of emotional quality without match. Her voice aligned with an instinctive creativity in the studio make her the perfect partner in crime”

David Goundry   Songwriter 

A talented lady who can add that certain bit of vocal magic to any song. Highly recommended” 

Nick Sykes   Owner, Rooster Recording Studios


If you’re looking for a session singer, vocal harmonist or someone for live performances and would like to discuss working together, please feel free to get in touch via the form below and I’ll get back to you asap. I'm based in London and able to collaborate remotely or in person. Look forward to speaking with you soon. Thanks!


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